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Argos Customer Services

Call the customer care services of Argos on this number 0844 995 1065 to explore this ancient town of Greece which has its huge significance since the time of Trojan War. If you are someone who likes to engage with the old history, it is your chance to come face to face with this wonderful town by communicating with the customer service representatives of Argos to get detailed information about this city.

Argos, a city located in the former municipality region of Argolis, Peloponnese in Greece has rich ancient roots with a vast historical background. This Greece city is 11 kilometres away from the historic harbour city of Nafplion and has seen continuous human settlements for the past 7,000 years. The native residents of the Argos are known as Argive, a term which is used to refer the people who plundered the Troy city and were mostly from Argos. Due to the significant location of the city among the fertile plains of Argolis, it was considered as an important stronghold territory during the Mycenaean times. This Greek city was known as a formidable opponent of the Sparta for getting control over the Peloponnese area. If you are thinking about getting a sneak peek into the ancient history of Greek civilization, there can’t be a better place to start your journey apart from Argos. Make an immediate call to the customer services of Argos on the above mentioned number and pack your bags for a revisit to the ancient history.

This Greek city has been in existence since the Neolithic age and has seen first colonial rule during the time of Pelasgian Greeks. Argos has been a major part of some of the world’s most ancient civilization like Roman, Byzantine and Modern. The city is also mythological significant and is believed to be the birthplace of Perseus, the half man and half God born out of the alliance between God Zeus and Danae, the daughter of the Argos king, Acrisius. So, set out your foot on this historical and mythologically significant town by making a call on customer services number of Argos on 0844 995 1065.

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